Christine Fehrenbach develops brands applying a new understanding of quality and real value creation. Her main focus is always on the human aspect. Using a holistic approach, she guides companies through the entire process of transformation, from developing an identity to implementing strategies for communication, design and product. She places particular importance on the economic goals of her clients being consistent with challenges facing society. The renewal of a brand is a great opportunity for companies and institutions to strongly position themselves for the future. It’s all about knowing what the customers of tomorrow will want in order to develop the best and most relevant proposals for them.

As a creative coach and social media designer, Heike Rittler connects and networks people and different generations. Through many years of professional experience,
as a textile designer and product developer, she uses her creative potential to support intergenerational change with advice and workshops in the process of change.

A large network of architects, designers & colleges (since 2016 lecturer HS Coburg), div. Design awards: red dot, universal design, gold award …
Promotion of the interdisciplinary approach & engagement with innovation culture & strategic design in companies, support her actions.

PIER F, Zukunftshafen Frankfurt e. V. and AiD – Architecture in Dialogue

Zukunftshafen Frankfurt e. V., a registered association, was founded in 2018 under the umbrella of „PIER F – Zukunftshafen Frankfurt“, a centre for encounter and education in the matter of sustainability and innovation. PIER F is a project of renowned architectural platform AiD – Architecture in Dialogue, and AiD founder Susanne Petry is also president of Zukunftshafen Frankfurt e. V. The association, PIER F and AiD see themselves as think tanks for the development and implementation of sustainable solutions. They organise lectures, workshops, congresses, campaigns and networking events, in order to bring together experts, government institutions and community facilities, producers, designers, companies and other players dealing with and interested in sustainability.