“It has more charm to save the inconspicuous and the old and to upgrade the existing stock than to stage elaborate reconstructions that are supposed to create identity. Architecture needs the eyes that see what can be. ”

    Marlows Magazine

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    “The way the interior designers from Studio InteriorPark do. having dealt with elements brought along and, above all, found, contributes significantly to the special atmosphere of the rooms. ”

    Deutsche Bauzeitung

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    “Preserving the old, combining it with the new and creating something unmistakable – that is what the architect Tina Kammer succeeded in doing with this top floor apartment in Stuttgart.”

    Modernize Magazine

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Studio InteriorPark. specializes in sustainable [interior] architecture

We combine interior design and responsibility, aesthetics and ecology, function and durability.

In short, Studio InteriorPark. stands for a radically better indoor climate.

Use of natural and recyclable materials and products

Right from the design stage, we consciously determine the choice of material and thus the production process, and thus significantly influence the effects on energy consumption, pollutant emissions and waste production. Pollutant-free and low-emission materials are part of our quality standards and guarantee healthy spaces where you can feel good.