Workspace development

for International Building Exhibition IBA 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart GmbH.

The project included the combination of different requirements within an open space. The floor space was quite limited for the future use. Various work areas for public, private and confidential talks should be created side by side to modern workspaces for team work and brainstorming. A positive atmosphere should be guaranteed for all employees. Visitors should experience a representative space that reflects innovation, thought-provocing impulses and workprocesses of IBA 2027.

Our aim was to implement the high internal demands into a contemporary office landscape with integrated, different and flexible usable areas enabling the new founded company to develop their own work processes. This was realized by clear zoning of the floorplan to support the possibility of withdrawel for confidential conversations as well as the public exchange. A free-standing cubus that is used outside as a libary and inside  thanks to acoustic optimization for withdrawel and concentrated working. The entrance, lounge areas and flexible workspaces with individually designed furniture orchestrate a concious gesture of welcome.